Come, Let's Free The World Together

We are on a mission to positively impact hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

Founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs, investors and channel alliances, D.Media believes in using technology and positive incentives to educate, empower and help thousands of people achieve what to them seemed impossible: Financial Upward Mobility.

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How It Works

What? - A Digital Tribe

Incentivize Tribe members to learn skills and generate additional income, during their spare time, by performing small electronic tasks called “activities”.

Why Now? - Time is Right

In 2020, Covid wreaked havoc around the world and we believe we can help pave the way for our tribe to expand their skillet necessary to achieve upward financial mobility. Wherever they are located in the world.

Why us? - Experienced Team

We've experienced first-hand the complexities of international marketplaces and electronic educational gaps. Our team is comprised by seasoned-experts in marketing, technology and finance.

Why? - Let's Free the World!

We want to help free the world! Financial Upward Mobility helps achieve this and we believe creating this ecosystem for our tribe is possible within the next decade.

Build electronic bridges

We're creating technology and creating channel alliances to build electronic bridges between our tribe members and vetted electronic money-producing opportunities around the world.

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D.Media. A New Kind of Digital Tribe

We live in a fast-paced and interconnected world. A world where the opportunities for Financial Upward Mobility are not easily discovered nor easily accessible to all. D.Media is a global tribe striving to build a bridge between anyone who wants to earn next level earnings, through vetted money-making opportunities and educating themselves on the skillset necessary to achieve next-level results.

D.Media's tool:

Your current smartphone with an internet connection is all you need to be part of the D.Media tribe.

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